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Tony interviews Ian Cass, Chief Executive of the Forum for Private Business on the 4th, Annual #MicroBizMatters Day

BBC Breakfast- Regenerating Coastal Communities

Why MicroBiz Matters With Tony Robinson OBE

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Exploitation and taxation of the self employed and #MicroBizMattersDay

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How will small businesses really fare after Brexit? Tony Robinson talks.


I appeared in nearly all these 28 videos for the UK Get Mentoring initiative and the first one (with a photo of my great friend Elsa Caleb) means a lot to me as I mention my father who started and ran his own successful, UK and international business CLICK HERE to view, or watch the sample below..

Tony joins Nick Peters on Share Radio's 'Shopfloor' to discuss the National Living Wage and impact on micro businesses.

Tony Robinson OBE on Enterprise

Tony Robinson advise: cash flow, customers and cutting out what hasn’t worked

Why is it good news for the #Government to scrap programmes which help businesses grow? @tonyrobinsonobe reveals

6 How to Succeed in your Business Videos

Tony's Top Biz Tweets Videos - Why you need the 4 Ps to survive

Tony's Top Biz Tweets Videos: Taking Opportunities Means Making Deals

Tony's Top Biz Tweets Videos: The Big Rocks - What Are The Priorities Every Day?

Gain More Customers (3 Buckets)

Tony's Top Biz Tweets Videos: Avoiding Snakes & Climbing Ladders

Nuance - Maximise Your Business' Productivity: Tips for Small Businesses

Charlie Mullins, Britain's most famous plumber on #BuildingTradesHour

Tips for Startups on Share Radio

The Sunday Business Show on TodayFM

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