Business Partners

tony-robinson-ruth-lowbridge-nat-hardwickWe founded SFEDI with all the major national small business membership and business support organisations to improve the quality of learning and support to start ups and small business owners in the UK. SFEDI is approaching the end of its second decade and although I resigned as a Director in January 2012 I still own a third of the SFEDI Group.

The Business Advisory BureauNigel is a co-Director, of the Business Advisory Bureau Limited and he also co-owns the premier public sector, research and education consultancy – Stratagia Limited. He is one of the UK’s top professionals in small business skills research and shares our passion for practical help to micro enterprise owners which extends to Nigel running his own Enterprise club for new starts.

We are delighted to announce that from January 1st 2015 my co-founder and co-funder of the Enterprise Rockers, Tina Boden will be Managing Director of the Business Advisory Bureau Limited and I will revert to being Executive Chair.