WELCOME to 30 years of know-how. Everyone can Be More Happipreneur. My site is absolutely FREE to access with NO contact details required or log-ins.  Whether you are a prospective or existing entrepreneur, intrapreneur, leader, side hustler, self-employed person, micro business owner, student or enterprising person, you’ll find something of VALUE here to help you to survive, thrive and be happier in your work. 

     I co-wrote “The Happipreneur” and perform the “Be More Happipreneur” Show. I am a Co-Founder of The Micro Business Alliance, with organisations representing over 1.2 million micro business owners in England. We work with the Government to improve policymaking to ensure all #startups and micro business owners have the best chance to survive and thrive.
     In addition to the Micro Business Alliance, I am Chair of Yorkshire in Business Limited, Patron of the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank. Co-Founder of The Happipreneur Festival, Co-Founder of the #MicroBizMatters movement, #PayIn30Days campaigner and Director of the National Organisation for Responsible Businesses.

“If you want someone to tell you the truth, go to the ‘dickhead’ in the red-feathered hat”, Brad Burton, Entrepreneur and the UK’s Number One Motivational Speaker  

“Massive thanks, Tony Robinson OBE, for being such a great champion for business owners. Your kind words and actions continue to inspire me. Thank you for your relentless drive for change and fairness. We see you, hear you and appreciate you! 🙌 ” Kanya King CBE, Founder & CEO of the MOBO Awards and Organisation. 

“Dazzling”, Susan Frenk, Principal of St Aidan’s College, Durham University

“Inspiring”, Ian Cass, CEO, Forum of Private Business

        The whole concept of my philosophy of HAPPIPRENEURSHIP is that enterprising people and enterprising leaders make our workplaces and world a better and happier place. Even if you have no intention of leading an enterprising organisation or running your own enterprise, you’ll find plenty on this site to help other enterprising people – team members, colleagues, leaders, friends and family. ENJOY.


Book it before I snuff it. The fabulous, uplifting and above all, enterprising “BE MORE HAPPIPRENEUR” Show.

People work best when they feel good about themselves. Help yourself and your leaders, team, family, friends and work colleagues to BE MORE HAPPIPRENEUR.


Be More Happipreneur!

This is the entertaining one-man show of Tony’s philosophy of Happipreneurship as first revealed in the 5* rated book, “The Happipreneur”. Happipreneurs are happy, enterprising people making a positive difference in every workplace. Some are leaders; some are entrepreneurs; some are business owners; some are side hustlers and most are the game-changing employees that every organisation needs.

By the show’s end, everyone knows how to be more happipreneur or help others to be so.    An example of the values and actions that happipreneurs adopt and take is shown through Tony’s own entrepreneurial journey and the entrepreneurs he has learned from. He explains the key decisions he took for ever greater happiness and fulfilment in his work life. This journey includes his family’s business to being a professionally qualified HR Director and then CEO of a large American multinational through to his three decades as a business owner, leadership coach and enterprise champion.

Charles Dickens is Tony’s role model happipreneur, but delegates will be delighted to know that most of the role models referenced in the show are alive, active and able to be watched and learned from on YouTube.

Every show is different, as every audience is different. Everyone’s route to happipreneurship is different too. What Tony can promise is an entertaining, enterprising hour that gives food for thought and the know-how as to why happipreneurs are so successful at their work.

Most delegates will know someone, even themself, who may want to “Be More Happipreneur”.



Being happy and enterprising for 80% or more of your time at work is attainable and it feels great.

My famous and not-so-famous friends are living proof of happipreneurship in action.

Our Happipreneurship philosophy was 26 years in the making and two years in interviewing and writing.

Everyone can “Be More Happipreneur”!


About Tony and his one-man, one-hour show

Tony Robinson OBE is an award-winning conference speaker, multiple business owner, campaigner and writer on leadership, happy workplaces, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

He is the Chair of Yorkshire in Business Limited (YIB), and all his work in the UK and overseas is in collaboration with Yorkshire in Business Limited. He is also the Patron of the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank (JCYEB) and a Director of the National Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB).

He is known nationally and internationally as the #MicroBizMatters Champion and has run his own businesses, and has founded national enterprise support organisations with his business partner, Clare Francis, for over three decades.

Be More Happipreneur!” is the fun and inspiring, one-man, one-hour Show of the 5* best-selling book ‘The Happipreneur’.

Every organisation, of every size, in the private, public and third sectors, needs enterprising people to succeed.

Do you lead or value or enjoy being with enterprising people?

Could you fill a theatre, a conference room, a hall, a cafe, a pub or a field with enterprising people?

Do you have employees, customers, suppliers, a network, a community, colleagues, friends and family that might like to learn how to BE MORE HAPPIPRENEUR?

The “Be More Happipreneur!” Show

Do you want to host a unique, entertaining, inspiring and very special event?

Every company, institution, organisation and individual can benefit from Happipreneurship. 

In Company, In University, In College, In Theatres, In Clubs, In Conference Rooms, In Pubs, In Hotels, In Festival Spaces – virtual or inside or outside – all I need is a mic and an audience who will enjoy being or helping others to be more Happipreneur.

The show is interactive and lasts at least one hour. Often the show fits into a conference programme. Sometimes the host, the host’s VIP panellists and I form a Q&A Panel at the end. This gives up to two hours, with a break, for a very special breakfast, lunchtime or evening event.

I donate 25% of my fee (see below), and £2 per copy sold of “The Happipreneur” to #MacmillanCancerSupport, for which charity I raised £2700 in 2022. A further 25% of my fee goes to Yorkshire in Business towards providing free start-up support.

The first ‘Be More Happipreneur’ show was in August 2021 at the Coventry University Campus in my home town of Scarborough.

The next show was in South Shields. Another packed house in the Tap Room of a Brewery. They enjoyed it so much that they stayed from 5 pm to 11 pm.

The BIGGEST virtual show to date was in 2022 for the International Association of Bookkeepers and the Organisation for Responsible Business. It was amazing and loads of fun. It was helped by having an enthusiastic, small live audience too. We were streaming from Yorkshire in Business’ Explore Indie & The Grind Cafe/Pop-Up Shops in Scarborough.

After the show, we had a fab Q&A Panel which included Janet Jack, CEO of IAB, Jill Poet, CEO of ORB, Jenn Crowther, CEO of Yorkshire in Business and Fabian Hamilton, MP, President of IAB.

I’m loving all the amazing venues for the show. 

Coventry University and Durham University were unexpected delights, and I love the theatres and conference stages. But I love the very informal venues like the Brewery in South Shields and The Grind Cafe/Explore Indie in Scarborough too.

The Tipi (a big wigwam) in the Open Air Theatre in my home town of Scarborough as part of our 2-day #MicroBizMatters Festival was very special. After the show, my Happipreneur friends and I networked with all the delegates at a fabulous evening party with DJ. My thanks to Adam Corbally (The Apprentice); Lorraine Allman (Enterprising Child), Ruairi Devlin (Ireland and UK Micro Business Awards), Emily Whitehead (Simply Great Britain), Jenn Crowther (Founder/CEO – Yorkshire in Business) and Ian Farrar (CEO-Far North).

The last show of 2022 was held at St Aiden’s College, Durham University – it was fabulous – thank you.

2023 is devoted to running Be More Happipreneur Shows and spreading happipreneurship throughout the towns and cities of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Particularly looking forward to Cheshire Business School on Monday, April 17, 2023, in their Mindful Monday series as the Be More Happipreneur Show will be at its poshest venue yet – The De Vere Cranage Estate in Holmes Chapel – Wow! – best behaviour/take off fedora while at the dinner table.

Here’s the link for tickets (£120 for non-members) and full details  

Please host this one-hour interactive Show – your delegates will love it.

2023 will see at least 23 Be More Happipreneur Shows staged by Yorkshire in Business – all of them raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Virtual and live shows, indoors or outdoors, will be performed throughout 2023. Email tonyrobinsonobe@gmail.com


The Happipreneur was two years in the making. Taryn Lee Johnston and Tony Robinson OBE have updated the philosophy and business principles underpinning Schumacher’s influential work, Small is Beautiful.

Rather than produce a set of recommendations for policymakers the co-authors, with contributions from many well-known entrepreneurs, have written a practical guide of the values and actions which empower enterprising people.

Schumacher wrote about  ‘economics as if people mattered’ but  The Happipreneur is about ‘enterprise as if people cared’. What are the benefits to long-term innovation, collaboration, survival, growth, health, fulfilment and happiness through enabling others to be enterprising and useful to others?

Check out the 5* reviews, testimonials and media coverage of  The Happipreneur and ‘Happipreneurship talks.  Leaders, parents, teachers, academics, students and all who wish to help people be more enterprising love it.

Tony’s enterprising and happipreneurship life story is less important than what he has learned from interviewing and working alongside the well-known entrepreneurs he most admires.

Every leader, employee, prospective #startup, side hostler,  business owner,  FTSE100 CEO and Small Business Minister from now to eternity should have a copy.

The book and the talk are an uplifting story and guide which describe the benefits of leading and enabling happy and fulfilled enterprising lives.


Tony is a multiple business owner, with business partner Clare Francis, for over three decades.  He is the recipient of 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards for Enterprise. He was honoured with an OBE for services to small firms in 2001. He was awarded the National Enterprise Network’s ‘Enterprise Support Champion 2019’ and Hull City Council’s ‘Youth Enterprise Champion 2021’. 


Tony is an inspirational speaker topping the bill for over thirty years.

All of Tony’s work, keynotes, and Be More Happipreneur Shows are in collaboration with

Yorkshire in Business Limited


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