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The Show of the book ‘The Happipreneur’ is performed by

Tony Robinson OBE who is The Micro Business Champion, Chair of Yorkshire in Business and campaigns for #MicroBizMatters #PayIn30Days #NotAnSME and 3 million #ExcludedUK (#MicroBizMatters is a brand of Yorkshire in Business Limited) 


“If you’re lucky enough to have Tony in your corner you’re going to succeed”

Tim Campbell MBE, star of ‘The Apprentice’ and its first winner.

“If you want someone to tell you the truth go to the ‘dickhead’ in the red-feathered hat”  Brad Burton, the UK’s Number One Motivational Speaker

Press Release: MicroBizChamp dedicates new book to 3M #ExcludedUK

Press ReleaseSparking An Enterprise Revolution

2 minutes Video Review of The Happipreneur by Robert Zarywacz, Editor of Business Action Magazine

The “Who Wants To Be A Happipreneur? Show

(virtual & in-person)

Shows can be free to atendees but if they’ve enjoyed the show, they are encouraged to buy a copy of The Happipreneur or to make a donation to my or your good causes. This is voluntary but around 25% of attendees have contributed for which we are very grateful. Alternatively pay me a fee and I will donate half for emergenccy business grants and #MacmillanCancerSupport.

We kicked off to a buzzing and happy, full house on August 24, 2021, at Coventry University, Scarborough Campus,

The next show and town visited was South Shields. Another packed house in the Tap Room of a Brewery. They enjoyed it so much that they stayed from 5 pm to 11 pm.

I was joined by runners in Scarborough and South Shields completing 7 miles in each town.

Then there was a great virtual show with Founders’ Friday, Newcastle Start Up Week followed by the big virtual event in early December.

This BIG virtual show was for the International Association of Bookkeepers and the Organisation for Responsible Business. It was amazing and loads of fun. It was helped by having an enthusiastic, small live audience too. We were streaming from Yorkshire in Business’ Explore Indie Cafe/Pop Up Shops in Scarborough.

After the show we had a fab Q&A Panel which included Janet Jack, CEO IAB, Jill Poet, CEO ORB, Jenn crowther CEO Yorkshire in Business and Fabian Hamilton MP, President of IAB.

The zoom show was recorded so you can see it on YouTube here:

Please host a Virtual or live – in person – Show – your delegates will love it. Virtual and live shows, indoors or outdoors, will be performed right through to the end of October 2022.

Your network, customers, employees, town or city will find the Show unique, inspiring and fun.

Add a Q&A featuring you and some VIP panelists and you have an attractive 90 minutes to 2 hours special event.

In addition to the 70 “Who Wants To Be A Happipreneur?” Shows for his 70th year – in towns or virtual, Tony will run at least 7 miles x 70 times for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of his five young friends. He will celebrate his 70th birthday by running his 8th Great North Run (half marathon) and Yorkshire Marathon.

3 million hardworking, tax-paying citizens have received little or no income support from the Government since the start of the pandemic despite lockdowns preventing them from earning a living. Most of the 3 million are freelancers, self-employed and micro-business owners and as well as fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support  Tony is fundraising for charities and social enterprises which help these  hardworking, enterprising people back to making ends meet.


– Of interest to all who want to be, or help someone else to be, more enterprising and happier in their work

– Tony and his co-author Taryn Lee Johnston created the philosophy of Happipreneurship in the new ‘Small is Beautiful’ – the 5* rated ‘The Happipreneur’. Enterprising people everywhere are now benefiting from this approach to working life.

Charles Dickens is Tony’s role model Happipreneur but he features many new, young Happipreneurs and some of the famous entrepreneurs he’s met and still learns from.  They include Tim Campbell MBE (The Apprentice and wrote the 5 page introduction to ‘The Happipreneur’), Kanya King CBE (his inspiration), Charlie Mullins OBE his #MicroBizMatters Tsar, Sir Jim Ratcliffe (his schoolmate) and Lord Sugar (once a client).

– Tony is Chair of Yorkshire in Business and a judge for the most prestigious top 3 national entrepreneur and micro business awards and he is able to give examples of the new entrepreneurs to watch and learn from that are happipreneurs too.

– Tony explains how key decisions in his riches to rags journey allowed him to stumble into evermore happier and enterprising work life.

– Guaranteed to be controversial and as Brad Burton, the UK’s Number One Motivational Speaker says on the book cover “If you want the truth go to the ‘Dickhead’ in the red-feathered hat”.

Tony’s ‘Who Wants To Be A Happipreneur?’ talk, interviews, articles, posts, podcasts, radio and television explain why every size and type of organisation needs leaders willing to learn from business owners that are happipreneurs. All enterprising people can choose to be Happipreneurs.

At least four out of five #startups adopting the Happipreneurship philosophy will survive their first three years of trading.

Happipreneurs are successful in life and in an enterprise. They build happy and high impact teams, avoid damaging stress, innovate, collaborate and, most importantly happily, control their own destiny in the long term.

Whether, you’re a freelancer, or a multi-billionaire like Tony’s school friend, Sir Jim Ratcliffe,  Happipreneurship is a business and life philosophy worth considering for yourself and enabling in others.

Here’s a YouTube Playlist on ‘The Happipreneur’ Book and Show 


The Happipreneur was two years in the making. Taryn Lee Johnston and Tony Robinson OBE have updated the philosophy and business principles underpinning Schumacher’s influential work, Small is Beautiful.

Rather than produce a set of recommendations for policymakers the co-authors, with contributions from many well-known entrepreneurs, have written a practical guide of the values and actions which empower enterprising people.

Schumacher wrote about  ‘economics as if people mattered’ but  The Happipreneur is about ‘enterprise as if people cared’. What are the benefits to long term innovation, collaboration, survival, growth, health, fulfilment and happiness through enabling others to be enterprising and useful to others?

Check out the 5* reviews, testimonials and media coverage of  The Happipreneur and ‘Happipreneurship talks.  Leaders, parents, teachers, academics, students and all who wish to help people be more enterprising love it.

Tony’s enterprising and happipreneurship life story is less important than what he has learned from interviewing and working alongside the well-known entrepreneurs he most admires.

Every prospective #startup, side hostler, #startup, business owner, business leader, FTSE100 CEO and Small Business Minister from now to eternity should have a copy.

The book and the talk are an uplifting story and guide which describe the benefits of leading and enabling happy and fulfilled enterprising lives.

The Happipreneur contents include:

The end or the beginning?
Nature vs Nurture
Be Your Own Boss Skills
Working for The Man – Making Ends Meet.
Selling Unachievable Dreams – The Amway Years
Integrity First
Leaving the “Man” Behind
What do you do?
Bye, Bye SFEDI I’m Malta bound!
Showing the world “Why #MicroBizMatters”?
The Business Opportunity Industry
A Happipreneur
Not an Entrepreneur… but a Happipreneur
Final Q&A

featuring the SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL ROLL OF HONOUR and a Happipreneurship reading list.


‘The Happipreneur‘ is available in all good bookstores including Waterstones, Foyles, WH Smith and Amazon.  We hope you will support bookstores but if you would like the book personally signed by the co-authors here it is!

Purchase a copy here at £12.95 each including post & packing in the UK.

Companies, business schools, social enterprises or public agencies wishing to buy quantities signed by the authors (not personalised) can email me and I will pass onto Chronos Publishing. These can be gifted to customers, suppliers and colleagues or used for fundraising. Minimum quantity is 25. Prices: 25 – £300; 50- £550; 100- £1000.

Tony is an inspirational speaker topping the bill for over 30 years. 

Tony is exclusively represented by The Brand Activators Creative Agency. Contact Hilary Dunne, Director at  and 07825 429429

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