Mission: Entrepreneurial Truth

Tony Robinson OBE and Janet Jack

Tony’s first major speech on enterprise and entrepreneurship was in 1984. As Chief Executive of Amway UK, he addressed 15,000 independent business owners at the Birmingham NEC.  As he is in the lowest 3% of the population for spatial awareness, his greatest challenge was not the size of the audience but avoiding a fall into the fountain on stage.

Tony is known as The Micro Business Champion and as a Founder and Co-Founder of nationally and government recognised entrepreneur support organisations such as the SFEDI Group, the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, and the annual #MicroBizMatters Day. He has started and run his own businesses for three decades. Many of his clients, colleagues and friends are well known and successful entrepreneurs.

Tony firmly believes that leaders in all sizes of organisation can learn from the success and sustainability of ‘real entrepreneurs’ who have started and grown their own business from micro (0-9 employees) to small, medium and large, often global, enterprises.

Tony tips his fedora to many famous UK entrepreneurs he has worked with and many famous authors too including Dickens, Orwell, EF Schumacher’s ‘Small is Beautiful’, Barbara Ehrenreich’s ‘Smile or Die’, Oliver Burkeman’s ‘The Antidote’ and his own fictional satire ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’. His story as a campaigner and advocate of an enterprise culture that is appropriate for the many, not the few, is interwoven with futuristic lessons and tips.

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Tony is exclusively represented by The Brand Activators Creative Agency. Contact Hilary Dunne, Director at hilary@thebrandactivators.co.uk  and 07825 429429

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Tony Robinson OBE, micro business expert in the UK
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