I am no longer curating the Small is Beautiful Roll of Honour as I believe there are now too many organisational standards on offer to medium, small and micro business owners.

As a result, Tina Boden and I have gifted the future development of the Small is Beautiful Roll of Honour to the Organisation of Responsible Businesses (ORB). https://www.orbuk.org.uk/

ORB’s values are aligned with ours and that includes a passion for micro and small businesses.

ORB has ensured that our six specific values are integrated within their basic membership criteria and the additional course, certification options, and assessment processes they offer; and will integrate the Small is Beautiful Roll of Honour into its basic membership.

I will continue as a voluntary, unpaid member of the ORB Advisory Board and there is no financial benefit to Tina or me as a result of this transfer.

We fully recommend that you visit the main ORB website for more information and to apply for membership if that resonates with you. Applications start with a 10-minute online self-assessment questionnaire followed by a Zoom meeting once the applicant has committed to the online pledge. (see below)

Members of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses can use the ORB Responsible Business Member logo and are featured in the Responsible Business Directory. Members will also be invited to use the Small is Beautiful logo.

As part of the transfer process, ORB is inviting all existing micro, small and medium-sized organisations currently registered in the Small is Beautiful Roll of Honour to apply for membership of ORB via the normal process, but will only charge a nominal £10 to cover admin costs for the first year’s membership. Thereafter, annual/quarterly membership rates are as published.

Large organisations with 250+ employees sharing these values may wish to consider registering as ORB Supporters. Contact jill@orbuk.org for more information


  • Paul Lancaster
  • Gaynor Carr
  • Kanya King CBE (our inspiration)
  • Charlie Mullins OBE (our Tsar)
  • Tim Campbell MBE
  • Penny Power OBE
  • Kate Hardcastle MBE
  • Dinah Bennett OBE
  • Sway
  • Chris Percival
  • Laura Henry
  • Janice B Gordon
  • Tina Fotherby
  • Ed Goodman
  • Jo Harrison
  • Adrian Ashton
  • Naomi Timperley
  • Alex Gajic
  • Allen Pluck
  • Elaine Clark
  • Catrina Clulow
  • Dee Maria Olajide
  • Sadie Skipworth
  • Martin Mullen
  • Marianne Whitfield
  • Lorraine Allman
  • Martin Kirby
  • Tom Evans
  • Julia Emelogu
  • Michelle Dorrell
  • Patricia van den Akker
  • Elsa Caleb
  • Mike Peates
  • Rhian Kempadoo-Millar
  • Charles Cracknell
  • Mike Notarantonio
  • Kit Hargreaves
  • Millie Notarantonio
  • Neal Boden
  • Sinead Robinson
  • Eve Lodge
  • Thomas Arran
  • Janet Jack
  • Ian Cass
  • Dan Martin
  • Antony Chesworth
  • Alison Chesworth
  • Karl Plunkett
  • Zia Mallick
  • Ron Immink
  • Dawn Whiteley MBE
  • Simon Cox
  • Clare Francis
  • Nigel Hudson
  • Tripp Braden
  • Paul Crook
  • Henry Stewart
  • James Blackman
  • Jonathan Dowden
  • Jenn Crowther