Penny Power OBE] Digital Entrepreneur

Tony is the most important voices in the MicroBiz world. A clever, loving man who has dedicated his life for the last 30 years to this sector of our economy. Reading his book gives you an insight into his drive and ambition for our nation and for each of us that thrive or fail in this hard-won battle of business.

I think the most important reader of this is anyone in Government, any one who sells to the MicroBiz and anyone that wants the economies in this modern world to stand up and fight for the amazing people that own a small part of the economy but create so much impact

Anthony Haynes; Business Owner & Academic Literary Agent,

Tony Robinson OBE is a remarkable champion of small — in, fact, micro business. This book adopts a biographical framework. Robinson’s work, with SFEDI and then Enterprise Rockers / #MicroBizMatters, emerges from the context of his early life and then his corporate career in HR.

It’s a story that benefits from being told in integrated form: one can see how Robinson’s insights, ideas, and proposals emerge from his experience. Robinson sees how much guidance given to those starting a business is misguided, is inappropriate, even harmful. As the co-owner of a now long-established microbusiness,

I find Robinson’s own advice spot on. For example: ‘Bootstrap don’t borrow’; ‘Test trade first, preferably while in a job’; and ‘Ask for help from a business owner (particularly one that understands your customers’).

The content for this book — Robinson’s experiences, initiatives, and insights are great building blocks for a book, but the story still has to be told — and I think Taryn Lee Johnston has played her authorial part well: the style of the book — direct, forthright, and unfussy — suits the subject perfectly.

Jenn Crowther; Founder and CEO

Inspiring and captivating, this is a must-read for entrepreneurs and business owners.

I read this book from cover to cover and found it amazing. I know Tony and was so pleased to receive a signed and dedicated copy of the book. From the moment I opened it, I couldn’t put it down.

What we see of Tony today is a passionate a dedicated man to MicroBiz Owners globally. The book explains why. We can relate to his life experiences and decision to be a Happipreneur and its made me realise I’m certainly a Happipreneur and want to be for the rest of my life.

I found this book awe-inspiring and opened my eyes to the wider world. This man is fighting for you and me and you should read why?.

5.0 out of 5 sExcellent Read and Very InformativeThis is a fantastic insight into how a microbusiness works through the eyes of Tony and his friends with some extremely funny stories and lines – Tony is an inspiration in person and this book is absolutely brilliant and I read it in just three sessions as I could not put it down

Robert Zarywacz; Editor Business Action Magazine

If you only read one business book, read this.

I first heard Tony Robinson OBE speak some 14 years ago and felt that he was the first person who understood micro-businesses and the support they need. It’s the reason why I look out for Tony’s books and bought The Happipreneur – Why #MicroBizMatters? As expected, it’s not the over-hyped mantra of a guru or business coach; it’s the story of a real person – like you or me – who has experienced the ups and downs, not just of business, but of all life.

A collaboration between Tony and Taryn Lee Johnston, Tony’s life is akin to the lives of Tobias Smollet’s picaresque heroes and Taryn has achieved wonders by creating a book that embodies the meandering course of Tony’s life while progressing the narrative. Part biography, part business guide, each chapter is followed by questions Taryn asks, picking up points in the text, which Tony then answers. Invariably, these answer most of the questions raised in the reader’s mind.

Tony’s experience demonstrates that the road to business success is rarely direct and often takes us around the houses. Perhaps what is so refreshing about The Happipreneur is its in-depth discussion of work and why people choose to start their own businesses. He firmly believes that “the reason most people want to start their own business is to control their own destiny”. But just because you do start or run your own business does not guarantee you happiness and Tony’s experience with Amway, a multilevel marketing company, makes interesting reading.

Tony has championed micro businesses for decades but concedes that his work has had limited success, saying that “he’s never been able to persuade Government to learn from micro business owners on anything”. 
His assessment of government business support provided to owners is both bleak and honest: “They always get it wrong. I must have seen at least 20 government-funded business growth schemes that haven’t delivered. Most Government schemes are patronising, to say the least.

While the book discusses a lot of what is wrong in the business world, it also celebrates the enjoyment to be found in business, especially from working with people. What comes across is Tony’s enthusiasm for owners of micro-businesses. His research proves that they “provide the newest jobs, innovation, creativity, growth and support for communities.” Just as importantly, “they provide happier and healthier workplaces”.

The Happipreneur is packed throughout with useful material and I would recommend it to anyone running a business or thinking of starting one.

Umesh Samani; Business Owner, Specialist Car Sales and Workshops

What a fantastic read!
Being a ‘small business’ owner there are so many aspects that I can relate to, I wish this was on the shelf when I first started my business, there are so many little ‘golden nuggets’ in the book.
It’s great to read a book about the journey that Tony has taken to give accurate and relevant information which will help many business owners, and book oozes the passion that Tony has about helping the ‘small business owners’ when the world wants to be taken over by the giant corporates.
Highly recommended.

Romany, Business Owner and The Diva of Magic – Magic Circle & Las Vegas Multi-Award Winning Professional Magician.

if you’re in business, this is a must-read – excellent.I wish I’d read this book at the start of my career. If I had read Tony’s advice. “Don’t work with tossers!” it would have saved me a lot of time and stress.
If I had read about the importance of placing Happiness first in business, I would have saved a lot of unhappiness!
I think this book is essential reading especially for start-ups but for everyone. It reminds us of the importance of integrity in business, it reminds us of the essential part micro-business plays in our society. It is a call to micro=business owners to stand up proud and demand the fair pay of #PayIn30Days.
Above all, it was a pleasure to meet Tony Robinson in these pages. These days, it seems that the people in power are the dishonest, self-serving tossers we don’t want to do business with!
The Buddhists say, ‘Happiness comes from putting other people first.’ That’s what Tony says too. I’d say they are both right.
Buy and read this book, you’ll feel encouraged, uplifted and filled with new motivation to put happiness first in your business.
Put into action what he says and your business will be created on a solid footing that serves both you and the world.

Adrian Ashton; Business Owner and Multi-AwardWinning Business

I’ve only known Tony for only a few years (and only in a professional capacity), and had often wondered about what his ‘back story’ must have involved for him to have come to be held in the regard he is across the different bodies and agencies in the ways he is.
I can only say that I wish I’d read this book before I’d shared that first networking drink with him – I now realise just what’s shaped him to be the leader and influencer he is today, and I’m even more motivated to continue to be an (untypical) entrepreneur like he’s become.

The book is part biography, part-autobiography, and part ‘unlearning what you may have been taught about how to do business’ in equal measure – but immensely readable, and equally joyous, provocative, and heart-breaking in turns.

A perfect book for anyone who’s ever worked in management, set-up their own enterprise, or thinking about becoming their own boss. And a great memoir to an age of doing business when cricket was more highly esteemed in our national culture…

Katie Stidolph, aka, the Savvy Stoic, Student.

The Happipreneur is a great book and a must-read.It is filled with practical tips to help you run a successful business but more importantly live a happy life while doing so. Most business books are boring, but not this one! Being a business student, I know how dull they can be, all theory and no practical advice. But this one is a pleasure to read!

It is an insight into Tony’s eventful life, from being General Manager (CEO) of an MLM company Amway to starting his business with his best friend, Clair. You’ll learn about his rags to riches story, and how he gave it all way to campaign for microbusiness owners who are ignored by the government and don’t have a voice.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you should be asking yourself, am I a Happipreneur? You’ll soon realise that what’s important in life isn’t money, expensive trips and that shiny new car. It’s friends, family, living with integrity and controlling your destiny. Tony is an incredible man, and the world needs more people like him. I can’t recommend this book enough!

Nigel Hudson, Business Owner, Enterprise Coach and Research Professional.

As the pic shows, this book has practical, straightforward tips for anyone thinking of entering self-employment or otherwise starting their own business. It’s also a refreshing biography.

There are days when it feels like we’re surrounded by scammers and charlatans, where claims of world-beating performance turn to dust in the face of a woeful reality. This book is the antidote. It’s a story showing all that glitters is not gold but that you can choose integrity in business.

If you value true friends and aspire to be happy, this is the book for you. After 18 years running my own business, I heartily recommend it to anyone planning to tread the same enterprise path.

Jos Burton, Business Owner and Author of ‘Be Useful’.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Tony’s life, work and ideals are captured faithfully in Taryn’s writing style. There are many stories and anecdotes that illustrate Tony’s passion for helping micro-business owners, not only from the man himself but also from many of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs.
Tony’s rich experience from the corporate world makes this all the more powerful and relevant in today’s economy. His 10 top tips for becoming a Happipreneur sum up the man very well – although you have to wait until page 300 to find them!

Marcia McKerro; Business Owner

This book is a really good read for anyone in business whether a startup or you’ve been around for some time. You’ll find lots of little nuggets to take away from the book to not only think about but also apply.

Tony has taken all the twists & turns, shared the high and the lows so we can learn from his journey. The photos within the book add a richness to Tony’s Journey and work well to break up the text. A really enjoyable read!

We leave the last word to Tim Campbell MBE, entrepreneur and the first ‘The Apprentice’ Winner;

“In a world of very limited role models, Tony is someone worth looking up to. This book will give you a true sense of the man, his business advice will not steer you wrong and if you’re lucky enough to have Tony in your corner, then you know, you’re going to succeed.”