What does my #PayIn30Days campaign want?

The ultimate aim is that 95% ofall invoices from the 5.7 million small and microbusinesses should be paid within 30 days.  But the first objective is for the Government to use its leverage with 7500 large companies (over 250 employees) which are causing the cashflow log jam. 
The first objective we want to achieve is: 

“Government should not contract with, buy from, outsource, license, bailout, support or fund any organisation over 250 employees which do not #PayIn30Days ALL bills ALL the time” 

Here’s my video explanation of the importance of #PayIn30Dayshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QmAmKA2YmQ&t=361s

How can you get involved? 

We’re always looking for collaborators and campaigners to put pressure on MPs and Ministers to help us.

1. Follow me on twitter @TonyRobinsonOBE and get LinkedIn with me too. Retweet our #PayIn30Days tweets. 
2.  Join in at the @PolicyMogul #PayIn30Days platform where we influence MPs and provide progress updates on the campaign:  https://app.policymogul.com/campaigns/payin30days
3.  Pledge your support to #PayIn30Days and use the #PayIn30Days badge – here’s our website:  https://www.payin30days.co.uk/
4. Add your company’s name, and persuade as many large companies as you can to add their name, to the Small is Beautiful Roll of Honour – that’s on this site – click on ‘Small is Beautiful’ on the menu at the top of the page.