#MicroBizMatters Day

How do I get involved?

Search for #MicroBizMatters on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll soon get the hang of what people are doing on the day. All of them, always over one million, are giving a little time to help other business owners.  There are many offline events organised too – business owners getting together for a coffee and to watch the live streaming on their laptops or phones.

The Small is Beautiful Roll of Honour lists all of these kind entrepreneurs that have freely given their time to #MicroBizMatters Day. You can read profiles of most of them in the PDFs of the souvenir programmes for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

YOU CAN WATCH ALL THE INTERVIEWS AND LEARNING SESSIONS IN RECENT YEARS ON OUR MICROBIZMATTERS FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE PAGES. The most popular learning session at our 7th Annual #MicroBizMatters Day, January 2021 was the #ExcludedUK Hour.  >>>>>>>>

MicroBizMatters Day on Facebook; Watch the interviews

and from the early years on these three playlists:

2016 : Star Interviews 2016

2017:  Star interviews 2017

2018: Star interviews 2018

Special thanks are due to the multiple contributions of Kanya King CBE (our inspiration), Charlie Mullins OBE (our Tsar), Tim Campbell MBE, Chris Percival, Kate Hardcastle MBE, Penny Power OBE, Sway, Naomi Timperley, Tom Evans, Janice B Gordon, Laura Henry and Elaine Clark. Thanks also to business membership organisation CEOs, particularly, Ian Cass Forum of Private Business, Emma Jones MBE of Enterprise Nation and Janet Jack, CEO of IAB.


With Yorkshire in Business Madame Zucchini2015 to 2019 Paul Lancaster supported the co-founders, Tina Boden and I. 2020 Production was by EKM with Yorkshire in Business. 2021 onwards is by Yorkshire in Business.

#MicroBizMatters Day would not exist without all the business owners and enterprise supporters giving their time and resources to run the Day. Our 7th Annual #MicroBizMatters Day was sponsored by Yorkshire in Business partner, SAGE UK. 

I cannot list them all but special thanks to:

Antony and Alison Chesworth, Jenn Crowther, Tripp Braden (USA), Paul Lancaster, Gaynor Carr (design), Ed Goodman, Charles Cracknell; Elaine Clark; Marianne Whitfield; Michelle Dorrell; Adrian Ashton; Jo Harrison; Neal Boden; Sinead Robinson, Clare Francis; Sadie Skipworth and Martin Mullen. Thanks also to many companies that have donated time and money to the Day including EKM, Yorkshire in Business, Hull City Council, 123 Reg, Pimlico Plumbers, Jigsaw Medical; Microsoft, Google for Work; Sage, KCOM and ScanSnap (Fujitsu).