The Happipreneur is the new Small is Beautiful. Dr Schumacher CBE used essays of his observations on ‘economics as if people mattered’ in his seminal work of 1973, ‘Small is Beautiful’. Tony uses his business journey and the people that he has learned from to update this in a new business philosophy; Happipreneurship – ‘enterprise as if people cared’.   Everyone can “Be More Happipreneur” whether an employee in a large corporation or a self-employed, freelancer working from home.

Tony is currently on stage, most often, with his one hour, fun, interactive “Be More Happipreneur” Show. The Show is for all enterprising people in large, medium or small organisations – employed or self-employed. The show explains why Charles Dickens was the greatest Happipreneur of all time and why many new young entrepreneurs and established entrepreneurs he has met, for example, Tim Campbell MBE, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Charlie Mullins OBE, Kanya King CBE (Tony’s Inspiration), Chris Percival and Lord Sugar share the Values, Influence and Enterprise of “The Happipreneur”.

“In a world of very limited role models, Tony is someone worth looking up to.  This book will give you a true sense of the man, his business advice will not steer you wrong and if you’re lucky enough to have Tony in your corner, then you know, you’re going to succeed.”

Tim Campbell MBE, Entrepreneur, current star of The Apprentice and the first The Apprentice winner. 

Happipreneurship is a new philosophy, developed by Tony over the last ten years, but it is entirely practical, realistic, affordable and fun.

It means being happy in your workplace at least 80% of the time. Everyone can Be More Happipreneur. Creating something out of nothing to help others is fulfilling for everyone. It leads to successful enterprises, happier workplaces and happier lives.

This is a ‘No Notes and No PowerPoint slides’ performance.

Tony has presented keynotes at hundreds of prestigious venues including Wembley Arena, NEC, Kensington Roof Gardens, Magic Circle, CBI, BAFTA, House of Lords, House of Commons, Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Royal Conservatoire Scotland, Landmark Theatre, Live Theatre and on HMS Belfast.

BBC Breakfast with Tony Robinson, professiona business speaker



Most of my Conference and Seminar presentations relate in some way to my passion for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. I have been privileged to speak at many of the most prestigious national and international enterprise conferences, exhibitions and awards ceremonies.

Happipreneurship #Rocks

The talk and show all my efforts are concentrated on are for the widest possible audience.  Everyone can be more enterprising and leaders of all sizes and types of organisations should consider the benefits od enabling an enterprising culture.

My Happipreneurship philosophy is practical, achievable, fulfilling and fun. Not everyone wants to be more enterprising but most people will know someone that they’d like to help turn their passion into income and create something out of nothing.

Ever wondered why multi-millionaire and multi-billionaire business owners survive and grow over decades and rarely retire?

There is no ‘you must’ or ‘you should’ about this talk I present life truths I’ve learned around the mnemonic VIE  Values, Influence and Enterprise and each individual will decide which of these truths may be of use to them.

It is important for me to entertain and give an uplifting presentation as well as introducing my practical new philosophy – Happipreneurship – to as many people as I can.

Most often, after my 45 minutes to one hour talk, there is a hosted Q & A session. I am always flexible to meet the client’s requirements.

Making Contact

If you require a unique, professional speaker to captivate and inspire your delegates virtually or in-person then please contact me and Jo Greenwood COO or Jenn Crowther CEO at Yorkshire in Business Limited (see bottom of home page for all contact details). THANK YOU.

One third of my fee goes to Macmillan Cancer Support, another third goes to Yorkshire in Business to provide free start up support and the final third goes to little ole me to feed the Robinson horde. THANK YOU.

Tony on a Charity Run for MacMillan