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This long series of blogs are enjoyed by all those that have read the 5-star rated, “The Happipreneur” (2nd edition) by Taryn Lee Johnston and me or have attended my one-man, one-hour “Be More Happipreneur” Shows.

The current page of the blog features my series of popular Celebrity Interviews and if these are not to your liking then take a look at the more conventional writing on the other pages where I go in-depth on aspects of my philosophy of #Happipreneurship using my famous happipreneur friends as exemplars.

Please check out my TonyRobinsonOBE youtube channel for many videos on happipreneurship.

For those of you that have attended my “Be More Happipreneur” shows, and I’m grateful to so many of you for attending more than one, below are a few aide memoires.

  1. The mnemonic VIE stands for Values, Influence and Enterprise
  2. The five actions which happipreneurs take when starting a business which ensure over 80% are still trading after three years, are 1. Bootstrap, don’t borrow 2. Test trade first (preferably while still in a job). 3. Ask for help from a business owner (preferably one who understands your prospective customers). 4. Build multiple income streams. 5. Do what you love and are good at.
  3. The ten values we’ve observed in most happipreneurs are 1. Do what you love and are good at. 2. Control your own destiny. 3. Put friends and family first. 4. Be useful to others 5. Avoid debt – make ends meet. 6. Be enterprising 7. Learn how to handle grief, setbacks and put-downs 8. Enjoy hard work. 9. Love life. 10. Love being happy.
  4. The Big 13 Enterprise Skills are 1. Risk management. 2. Positive attitude. 3. Creativity and innovation. 4. Product and service design 5. Teamwork 6. Leadership 7. Problem solving 8. Organising and planning. 9. Effective communication 10. Initiative 11. Financial literacy 12. Ethical decision-making 13, Negotiating and influencing

Enjoy and Be More Happipreneur!

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